The Technology

What you get with our service

Our respect for the sensitivity and security of your data is absolute. Our technology is both flexible and secure giving you peace of mind that data security is not compromised and that systems can be easily upgraded as new enhancements are released.


All CDD Pro data and form logic is stored entirely on your premises with no systems or data running in ‘the cloud’. Your data is on your servers behind your firewalls.


The separation of data storage, business logic and screen presentation makes it easy to apply system enhancements, such as new form logic without risking your data.


The data captured by CDD Pro is not stored in proprietary databases. It can be accessed (with suitable access credentials) by other systems within your organisation.

How it works

All your client data capture form questions are encoded into our flexible rules-based system. Validation logic is ‘programmed’ for each question or for a group of questions.

All the customer data stored in the database is separate from the validation logic, which is stored separately. The addition of validation logic (for new types of questions) can be easily applied to the validation layer without impacting either the presentation or data layers.

When a question is presented, the data entered by the agent is validated, both at field level, screen level and in the context of answers from other questions. Agents are prompted to provide more information, if required, and are also presented with private warning messages.

Architechture of technology

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